A passion for the world’s famous finest handmade flutes. Our pride and confidence as a pioneer led us to “The world famous Muramatsu Flute”

9K Gold Model

9k Gold Tubing and Embouchure or Full 9k Solid Gold.

9K Gold-SR Model

9k Gold Tubing and Embouchure or Full 9k Solid Gold, with Soldered Tone Hole.

14K Gold Model

14K Gold / 14+9K Gold / 14K All Gold Model.

14K Gold-SR Model

14K Gold-SR / 14+9K Gold-SR / 14K All Gold-SR Model, with Soldered Tone Hole.

18K Gold Model

18K Gold / 18+9K Gold / 18K All Gold Model.

18K Gold-SR Model

18K Gold-SR / 18+9K Gold-SR / 18K All Gold-SR Model, with Soldered Tone Hole.

24K Gold Model

24K Gold / 18+9K Gold / 24+14K Gold Model.

24K Gold-SR Model

24+9K Gold-SR / 24+14K All Gold-SR Model, with Soldered Tone Hole.

Looking for something special? All model listed in Muramatsu Japan Website is available for special order.

The history of modern flute-making in Japan began in 1923 with the very first flute made by the late pioneer, Koichi Muramatsu, an eminent artisan and the founder of Muramatsu Flutes. At that time, the number of amateur and professional flute players in Japan totaled a mere twenty. Mr. Muramatsu’s devoted efforts and passion for flute-making remain alive in the fundamental philosophy of Muramatsu Flutes today.

Mr. Muramatsu often said, “Every artisan must also be a flutist. Without knowing the flute, we cannot answer to the demands of each and every flutists.” His philosophy has been passed down to the artisans of today. This diligent study of the instrument fuels the motivation of Muramatsu artisans to craft the finest in handmade flutes. Our love of the instrument, combined with tireless research, development, testing and investigation has resulted in the trust and respect of the world-wide flute community.

The persistent efforts of the pioneer, Koichi Muramatsu, and the current Muramatsu team have resulted in a brilliant instrument. Muramatsu flutes consistently exceed the expectations of discerning flutists around the globe. Muramatsu Flutes evolved to become the world leader in professional flute-making under the leadership of the late Osamu Muramatsu, the successor of the pioneer, Koichi Muramatsu. Now, their laudable philosophy has been passed on to the next generation, lead by Akio Muramatsu. The Muramatsu flute is the preferred instrument for flute soloists and flutists of world-renowned orchestras. The family of Muramatsu flute-players continues to grow with each passing year.

The Muramatsu Flute Company accepts its reputation with humility. We remain committed to the practical application of exacting scientific standards in flute design and manufacturing with an aim to satisfy the desires and sensibility of the discerning flutist.