9K Gold Model

Carry out the best performance with excellent flexibility.

Model9k Gold / 9k All Gold
SpecificationsRing keys, B-foot, E-mechanism, Offset G, Drawn Tone Holes, C# trill key, Es-roller
9k Gold Tubing and Embouchure, Solid Silver Keys or
Full Solid 9k Gold
OptionsHeavy Wall / Engraving / Tsubasa lip available with special order
PitchA = 442
PriceRM 89,800.00 (9k Gold)
RM 99,200.00 (9k Gold, Heavy wall)
RM 162,900.00 (9k All Gold)
RM 172,900.00 (9k All Gold, Heavy Wall)
+ RM 10470 (Engrave lip plate)
+ RM 6640/11090 (Engrave keys)
+ RM 1900 (Tubasa lip)

Muramatsu flutes of gold and platinum stand in a class all their own. These are the most revered and sought-after flutes in the world. Muramatsu flutes made of 9k, 14k, 18k, 24k and those ever-rarer instruments made of platinum represent the ultimate instruments. Each one receives many, many hours of hand work. Solid gold body and head-joint with solid silver keys are standard on gold flutes. Hand engraving is an option on gold flutes, and standard on all solid platinum instruments.

Instrument is supplied in a leather covered wooden case.
Includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

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