14K Gold Model

Where ideal composition of metals meets ultimate reliability. The Gold of Golds.

Model14k Gold / 14+9k Gold / 14k All Gold
SpecificationsRing keys, B-foot, E-mechanism, Offset G, Drawn Tone Holes, C# trill key, Es-roller
14k Gold Tubing and Embouchure, Solid Silver Keys or
14k Gold Tubing and Embouchure, 9k Gold Keys or
Full Solid 14k Gold
OptionsEngraving / Tsubasa lip available with special order
PitchA = 442
PriceRM 126,800.00 (14k Gold)
RM 198,900.00 (14+9k Gold)
RM 299,800.00 (14k All Gold)
+ RM 10470 (Engrave lip plate)
+ RM 6640/11090 (Engrave keys)
+ RM 1900 (Tsubasa lip)

14K Gold, the model with exquisite balance of gold, and with the ideal stability and reliability.
Brittle attacks, sparkles of sound, beautiful legato – all these elements will inspire you as they fill the air with rich volume of sound. Highly and continuously rated from professionals around the world, the perfection of 14K will satisfy the needs of the player with ultimate reliability.

Instrument is supplied in a leather covered wooden case.
Includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

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