24k Gold-SR Model

A masterwork with rich sonority and resistance for ambitious artists.

Model24+9k Gold-SR / 24+14k Gold-SR
SpecificationsRing keys, B-foot, E-mechanism, Offset G, Soldered Tone Holes, C# trill key, Es-roller
24k Gold Tubing and Embouchure, 9k Gold Keys or
24k Gold Tubing and Embouchure, 18k Gold Keys
OptionsEngraving / Tsubasa lip available with special order
PitchA = 442
PriceRM 517,300.00 (24+9k Gold-SR)
RM 670,200.00 (24+14k Gold-SR)
+ RM 10470 (Engrave lip plate)
+ RM 11090 (Engrave keys)
+ RM 1900 (Tsubasa lip)

Like a sleek velvet texture … or as if surrounded by shimmering golden mist… There are no words that can fully describe the impression of 24K gold. The sound of pure gold speaks eloquently with overwhelming and persuasive power.
The soldered tone holes empower players to perform with rich resistance, solid sound, and good response to create clear attacks. The craving for strong and endless thoughts that could only be accomplished through music has finally taken shape.

Instrument is supplied in a leather covered wooden case.
Includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

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