EX Model

The first handmade flute to start with.

SpecificationsSolid Silver Head-joint, Silver Clad Body and Keys
Ring keys, C or B-foot, E-mechanism, Offset G, Drawn Tone Holes
PitchA = 442
Price EX-III RCERM 11,500.00 RM10,600.00 (Lower ¥ Rate Currency Discount)
Price EX-III RBERM 13,200.00 RM12,200.00 (Lower ¥ Rate Currency Discount)

The EX model is Muramatsu’s most economical flute, yet it offers the same high quality Muramatsu workmanship you will find on their higher priced models. The hand-cut, solid silver head-joint on this attractive instrument is carefully cut and matched to a silver clad body and key mechanism, the same reliable key mechanism used on their most expensive flutes.

Instrument is supplied in a leather covered wooden case and a Muramatsu original soft case.
Includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

We, The Flute Store Malaysia offer a 12-month Standard Service Warranty on all new instrument purchases. This covers any and all minor adjustments impacting the playability and/or mechanical functionality of the instrument for 12 months from original purchase date as per stated in TFS invoice.

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