SR-PTP Model

The blend of silver, platinum, and soldered tone holes

SpecificationsFull Solid Silver with Complete Platinum Clad, Soldered Tone Holes
Ring keys, B-foot, E-mechanism, Offset G, C# trill key
OptionsHeavy Wall / Es-roller / Engraving / Tsubasa lip available with special order
PitchA = 442
LevelProfessional Artist
PriceSeasonal Price Depending on ¥ (please inquiry for more information)

This finest sterling silver handmade model is characterized with tone holes that are soldered onto the tube with elaborate skills.Such uniqueness empowers players to perform with excellent sense of pitch, sharp attacks, rich resistance, and solid sound.
The soldered tone holes also enables them to respond to any quick changes during performance.
The noble metal “platinum” is luxuriously used to coat the entire flute of the SR-PTP model, bringing clarity to tone color, wide dynamic range, and eternal brilliance in aesthetics. Explore a perpetual world of flute performance with this ultimate handmade platinum coated silver model.

Instrument is supplied in a leather covered wooden case and a Muramatsu original soft case.
Includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

We, The Flute Store Malaysia offer a 12-month Standard Service Warranty on all new instrument purchases. This covers any and all minor adjustments impacting the playability and/or mechanical functionality of the instrument for 12 months from original purchase date as per stated in TFS invoice.

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