Flute maintenance 101

Flute Maintenance 101
All things Flute Anatomy, Accessories, Maintenance, Servicing, Making and How to Inspect your own Flute.
Brought to you by Kaneyoufixit & The Flute Store Malaysia.

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About the speaker

Wooi Wei Kane
Wind Instrument Technician
Certified Straubinger Flute Technician

Kane offers a friendly and experienced Flute and Piccolo services for everyone from beginners to professionals. His workshop is based in Ipoh, Perak, while he often travels to other states like Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Penang at least once a month when his services are needed.

We, The Flute Store enjoys working with Kane for his quick turnaround service duration, reasonable pricing and a real interest in his customers needs and preferences. Clients will be engaged with updates in forms of photos and videos of their instruments. Therefore, it is always exciting and satisfying for clients to compare “Before” and “After” the service. 

Besides, Kane is a Flautist himself and plays other instruments like Clarinet, Oboe and Saxophone in varies reputable orchestras. Consequently, he does play-tests on all Flutes that comes onto his bench. Checking all tiny details and to further improve all clients’ Flute are his utmost priorities.

About the moderator

Chew Sze Gee
Flute Lecturer, Director of The Flute Store Malaysia

Sze Gee is a professional flutist & flute teacher based in Klang Valley area. She is currently the flute lecturer at National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage (ASWARA), copy editor at Malaysian Journal of Music (MJM), and director of The Flute Store Malaysia.

Sze Gee took over the distributorship of Muramatsu Flute from her teacher, Dr. Takahisa Ota with the promise of promoting good flute brand to the local musical scene and keeping it within a reasonable price range.

The Flute Store Malaysia is the one and only authorised dealer of Muramatsu Flute in Malaysia, and has been importing Muramatsu Flute for more than 20 years to Malaysia.